Following the fulfillment process, the shipment ready for dispatch is handed over without delay to the optimal delivery service for national delivery or fed into PARCEL.ONE for international deliveries.

Take advantage of the logistical expertise of the FULFILL.ONE network and don’t worry about your goods not reaching your recipients with the right shipping product. Of course, you are also free to book return solutions for your shipments.

Especially for international shipments, it is important to accurately record the respective shipment in terms of weight, dimensions and correct customs data. Likewise, continuous tracking including a link to the respective delivery partner in the destination country, in the national language of your recipient.


Shipment optimization

The logistics processing of the fulfillment partner is constantly being expanded and optimized in the areas of shipping rates, shipment control and line hauls.


From the creation of the delivery bill, the package is tracked by you and your end customer.
You can query the status of each shipment and track it seamlessly.


Costly international shipments are checked for size and weight, so you only pay for what you actually send.

PARCEL.ONE connection

All international shipping options can be booked for your shipments, whether parcel, merchandise or letter. Use over 400,000 shipping combinations for 245 countries worldwide.